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With the advent of the pay-as-you-go culture for things like mobile phones and webhosting, there's no reason why you can't pay-as-you-go for desk space and hotdesking is the way to do it!

Companies are now offering hot desking for the entrepreneur. A small startup may not need an office suite in the centre of town but it's nice to have someplace you can bring your laptop to, pick up your mail and meet people by the kitchenette.

Every UK limited company must submit accounts and returns to UK government agencies every year. This applies even to dormant companies.

Licences for the Microsoft Office or Adobe suites add up to a pretty penny. There are free alternatives to most software types and some of them are very good indeed.

While internet marketing is important, there are many old-fashioned ideas that are both simple and profitable. Here are 68 of them

In the 1980's the golden years of the boom in financial services industry began. "Multitasking", derived from computing terminology, became something for humans be proud of.

There are different address options for on-line businesses, ones primarily conducting trade, or overseas businesses that simply want to register as a UK company and have a registered business address.

If your company has a physical presence in the UK, you need to have a registered business address. A registered address is where a company receives its official correspondence. It could be the place of business, a shop, or accountant’s office.

The world is changing rapidly due to technology. Business practices from 20 years ago no longer work. The Internet has made striking changes in the way business is conducted, and this transformation continues.

Without a doubt, a trip to the pump quickly drains your pocket. The rise in price is not expected to end soon. In addition to the instability in the Mideast affecting the price of petrol ...

Leads are always more important than your brand therefore don't waste money perfecting your brand and spend that same money to buy new customers.

I had a job that paid a decent salary, but I had worked there longer than I wanted. Some of my ideas and suggestions were not taken seriously by my boss. I had always wanted to start my own business ...