An Easy Side Income!

Did you know Registered Address Ltd has its own internal affiliate program? Check out the Credit tab in your account dashboard.

You can give your unique promo codes to your contacts, which gives the user X% off immediately when they make a purchase, plus another Y% accrues in your account dashboard.

You can decide how much discount to give and how much commission you want to keep.

You can use our promo code generator to create up to five different promo codes.

A total of 30% of the basket value can be split between commission earnings or referee promo. You set the ratio yourself!

Clients can thus make money recommending us to their friends, family or colleagues, by giving them their promo codes.

Earn extra bonuses and awards

You can earn extra bonus income ranging from £25 to £1,000 when you reach a target referral number.

The first bonus is applied when you've made 3 successful referrals, giving you the Officer award. The next bonus of £100 is achieved when your promo code has been used 7 more times, i.e. you've reached 10 (Executive award).

See the Credit tab of your online dashboard to see all the bonus thresholds we've published, or read the blog on our affiliate program.

All your other credits, such as refund credit, account renewal credit are counted towards your earnings. Learn about the various types of account credits we give.

Clients can easily earn £500+ a month, some have earned more!

A small list of promo code placement ideas

Here are some ideas about where you can promote your unique promo codes:

- Your blog;
- WhatsApp groups;
- Social media, including Youtube comments;
- Internet forum;
- Email a friend;
- Give it to accountants you know;
- Offer it to members of clubs you belong to;
- Online tutorials;
- Paid adverts.

Got questions? Existing clients: Please raise a support ticket from your dashboard. Otherwise, please use the Contact Us form, include your telephone number, and one of our team will be in touch. 

Read more: Our Affiliate Program | Our Account Credit System

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