​​​​​​​Our Account Credit System

Clients can earn credits that can be cashed out if the credit amount goes over £100, or used to renew their accounts.

Whenever a credit is earned, or applied to an account, it is displayed on the Credits tab of the customer online dashboard. 

Log in to your account to see the new system or read on to learn the various types of account credits we apply.

Affiliate Program Credits

Clients can earn credits referring new clients to us using promo code(s) they generate from their online dashboard. The code gives the referee (the one using the code) an upfront discount, and you (the affiliate) a % commission in your account with us.

Find out more about our promo code generator and the affiliate program.

Special Bonus Credits

Clients earn bonus credits when their promo codes have been used by multiple referees and milestones are met. The amounts range from £25 to £1000 for referring as few as 3 customers. See the Credit tab in your online dashboard to see the latest bonus offers.

Loyalty Credits

The company may grant loyalty credits to long-standing clients. This is at the discretion of the staff.

Welcome Gift Credits

New clients may receive a special bonus when they sign up with us, depending on the value of their initial purchase.

Refund Credits

This is a discretionary credit which the company may grant if the client buys the wrong service for their stated purpose, or if the company was not able to supply the service bought, at that time, for operational or other legitimate reasons.

Got questions? Existing clients: Please raise a support ticket from your dashboard. Otherwise, please use the Contact Us form, include your telephone number, and one of our team will be in touch.

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