Which Service Should I Buy?

A question clients often ask is: Which address service(s) should I buy?

Each address service we offer is unique in its own respect, and may or may not be needed depending on your requirements.

Here's a quick rundown of the three address services, to help you.

- Registered Office service;
- Director's Service address;
- Business Address Service.


The Registered Office service covers the use of our address as the public mailing address of your company, on the Companies House website only.

You can have letters from HMRC and Companies House that are sent for the company scanned or posted to you. 


The Director’s Service Address service covers the use of our address as the mailing address of you, a director, as a person, on the Companies House website only.

This is another publicly visible address that Companies House will display. 

You can have letters from HMRC and Companies House that are sent for you as a director scanned or posted to you. 


People use the above services because they don’t want their own, home address to be public at Companies House. Most people choose both of the above services as privacy is their primary purpose of purchasing.


All other address usages fall under the Business Address Service which requires purchase of some mail forwarding credits.

The Business Address Service covers the usage of our address outside of HMRC and Companies House, and the forwarding of all other kinds of letters.


We regret one of the above is not a substitute for any of the others.

Some clients need only one of the above for their business purposes and some need them all. We've split them out for this reason.


For further details of each of the address services click on the links above, or go directly to the Services page.

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