Business Address Service

Use our office address anywhere outside HMRC/Companies House! This could be for banking, on your business cards, website and much more.

You can use our address on your website, with your bank, clients, email signature and business correspondence. Almost anywhere except with HMRC and Companies House.

When we receive a letter that is not from HMRC or Companies House, we inform you via email and deduct 1 ‘business letter credit’. Letter credits cover the handling fee per letter that arrives at our address. So long as the account has sufficient letter credits topped up, the letter will be scanned or posted to you (according to your chosen option).

Your letter credits do not come with an expiry date. Any credits left over are carried over to the next year when you renew. You can top-up any time. We'll notify when you've ran out of credits.

Our postal team are highly proficient at spotting junk mail, some of which are less obvious. If we are sure the letter is junk, it is disposed of and we do not deduct any letter credits for it. If our staff are unsure, we will err on the side of caution and forward it.

Fees start from £85.00 + VAT for 12 months.

Registered Address were very helpful and supportive. I found the process of forming a company and change my company address quick, streamlined and hassle free.

Registered Address Client

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