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Our Business Address Service can be described as 'any other usage' of our address which is not at Companies House or HMRC.

Sole traders would buy only it and nothing more; that's all they would need. Limited companies would buy it if they want to use our address with their bank or their clients.

The great thing about a virtual office address is that you don't have to maintain a brick-and-mortar one; you can have all the glamour of an address in the big city without the massive overhead of leasing commercial office space. No lease, no utility bills, no hassle. The money saved can be put towards your business.

Here are some other clever uses of our business address service:

1. Use It As Your Domain Name Registrant Address.

Domain registrars want a mailing address for their database. While they may not display it publicly if you choose not to do it, a mailing address is needed.

For the sake of your personal privacy or because you want to look more professional, you can buy our Business Address Service here.

2. Keep Your Landlord Happy.

Landlords often won't let you use your home address at Companies House. They may not even be happy at the idea that you are trying to run a business full-stop.

This is because they are 1. Afraid of having random bailiffs coming to their properties and 2. They don't want to risk their property being re-classified by the local council for business usage, as that would affect their rates.

These are legitimate concerns, as newbie businessmen often don't know what they're doing. If the landlord did not police the uses his address were put to, over time it would attract a stream of bailiffs and other official and unofficial nuisances.

3. Project A Better Image.

A business address on business cards and stationery gives you and your enterprise a professional look and feel.

4. Be Flexible With Your Location.

Having a postal address which is not tied to your home address is very good if you think you might be moving home in the future.

You keep the same address for your ordinary business correspondence while everything else might be changing in your life.

This helps you look more professional and stable. Clients who are spending money with you will do basic internet searches looking for signs of quality, and the reverse.

A business address which looks like a residential address on Google Maps is a red flag if you're trying to pass yourself off as a high-class entity.

5. Keep A Foothold In The UK.

Many Britons migrate abroad for better weather or a cheaper lifestyle.

They sell the house or move out of their flat. They still want to have a British address for certain kinds of correspondence.

This is where a UK virtual address comes in handy.

6. Keep Stalkers At Bay.

In the digital era stalkers are becoming increasingly common.

These are people with mental issues who fixate on a person and try to intrude into their life, uninvited. The days of robust, instant and natural justice are long gone in an increasingly politicised UK society.

A vulnerable person can get a business address for themselves and start migrating their communications there.

Some banks will happily route their letters through a virtual office. Most other entities will have no problem with it; they just want their bills paid!

The stalker finds less avenues to bother you and if they turn up at our buildings looking for you, they will get short shrift!

Buy a Business Address Service for yourself or your company today

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