Our Affiliate Program

1. Create a promo code and participate

Clients with an active account will be able to create their own unique promo codes (up to 5) and start sharing them immediately.

2. Affiliate earnings and bonus

The promo code gives the user X% off on the total basket value immediately, plus another Y% accrues in the affiliates credit dashboard as commission earnings.

Affiliates also earn bonuses when they hit certain targets.

Bonuses & Awards:

£25 bonus after the 3rd referral (Officer award)

£100 bonus after the 10th referral (Executive award)

£250 bonus after the 25th referral (Director award)

£500 bonus after the 50th referral (CEO award)

£1,000 bonus after the 100th referral! (Chairman award)

3. The promo code generator

Clients can create up to 5 different promo codes using our promo code generator. A total of 30% of the basket value can be split between commission earnings or referee discount. 

This will give the referee (the one being referred) a 10%, 15%, 20% or 25% promotional discount, leaving the affiliate a corresponding commission earning of 20%, 15%, 10% or 5%.

E.g. The promo code 123CODE could give the user a 20% discount and the affiliate a 10% commission.

The affiliate will set the discount/commission ratio when generating each discount code.

4. Notifications and Monitoring

You'll always be kept in the loop. Whenever a referee uses the promo code an email notification will be sent to the account the code belongs to.

All earnings can be monitored on the Credit tab of the clients’ dashboard.

5. Program Rules

Term 14 of our Terms & Conditions governs our affiliate program rules.

Got questions? Existing clients: Please raise a support ticket from your dashboard. Otherwise, please use the Contact Us form, include your telephone number, and one of our team will be in touch.

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