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Choose File Company Accounts if you would like our accountants to file your company’s financial returns to HMRC and Companies House.

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You can choose an address in 3 ways:

1. Best image for your customers;
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If you need more information about each location, go to our offices page.

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You can choose any company name that’s not the same as another registered name. If your company name is too similar to another company’s name or trade mark you may have to change it if someone makes a complaint.

You can choose either ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’ from the dropdown option. They mean the same thing.

Please note, Companies House, the official registrar of companies, a UK government department responsible for approving or rejecting company submissions may reject company names that include sensitive words such as Bank, Royal, King, Queen, Chemist. Full list of sensitive names can be found here.

Please allow up to 48 hours in the working week for Companies House to approve a company submission.

However, your company can be formed within a matter of hours if it’s a simple company setup and all details are entered correctly.

Our system will send you an email notification when your company is incorporated, and will direct you to your account Dashboard to download your incorporation documents.

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Please estimate the company's annual gross income, or what it will most likely be.

Choose £0 or non-trading if you have just incorporated your company, or your company is dormant.

If your company just started trading, and you have not filed your first annual accounts, then an estimate will be sufficient.

(The estimate would be how much you think the company has generated in the current or previous financial year i.e. 12 months.)

Go to this webpage to find out when your annual accounts are due.

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