How Can I Get More Customers Easily?

The perennial cry of the businessman is: How Can I Make More Money?

From which follows: How Can I Get More Customers (to give me their money)?

Most businessmen eventually work out that they need to do marketing. It's no good having a better mousetrap if no one knows about it.

They forget to ask the meta question:

Do people want mousetraps?

Having ascertained that they do, they then eventually ask the question:

Is my mousetrap better than other mousetraps?

Having ascertained that it's as least as good as most other mousetraps (which isn't great), and that there's a big demand for mousetraps, and priced it to sell, and worked out how to get it in the hands of the frightened housewife, one should then ask the question:

What's remarkable about my mousetrap?

Because then you don't need to push it so hard.

A few Youtube videos, a few posts in forums, a few free mousetraps sent to celebrities, a stunt or three featuring beautiful models, and the hits keep coming.

Follow up with excellent customer service and you're ahead of the pack. Your competition has to advertise in the Yellow pages and chase every lead just to stay afloat.

Consider the builder.

The ones that are very good don't have to advertise. Their diary is full 6 months ahead. Their competition is listing under 'AAA Cowboy Builders' in online directories and paying a fortune in Google Adwords.

So, what's remarkable about your product (that people would mention it to their friends)?

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