Building Trust - Advantages of Having a Registered Office Address with a Reputable Company

Mary Geisenhoff
Staff Writer

For instance, think about the business that your company is engaged in. There are different address options for on-line businesses, ones primarily conducting trade, or overseas businesses that simply want to register as a UK company and have a registered business address. If you are doing business overseas, it is important to pick a company that will forward your mail anywhere in the world.

The HM Revenue and Customs states that a registered office address is a legal requirement if your place of business is in the UK. There are many companies that provide this service.

However, when you choose a registered office address, you want to pick a company that will give you superior service and fit your specific needs. Another consideration is the actual address. Many people are familiar with different areas of the UK, especially London. If you have a street that is well-known and respected, it will reflect on your company. Your clients will equate that prestigious address with quality service. London locations are the most prestigious and well known in all of the UK.

Lastly, consider hidden charges. A company may offer you a low rate and then add set-up fees, deposits and hidden charges. It may cost more in the long run than you initially thought. Be sure to do your research and ask questions.

Try to get a company that offers customer support with personnel that will answer your questions. How many times have you called a company only to be answered by a recorded voice, offering no human link? Or, when you look for an address, you only see an e-mail address, which sometimes never gets answered. When you look for companies, make sure a customer support number is listed on the web site. Then call to see what kind of service you actually receive. You want to choose a company that fits your needs and that you can trust.

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