Company Formations With A Registered Office Address In London & Other Major UK Cities

A registered office is a legal requirement for all UK limited companies. It's the official address of the company. It is publicly available for anyone to see. It does not need to be where you actually work from.

This is the address Companies House and HMRC send statutory letters and legal notices to. Companies are legally required to show this address on letters and their website. It cannot be a PO Box. It needs to be readily available for post to be received at, and signed for, if necessary

Landlords often won't let tenants use their address to register a company. They don't want to get legal hassle if your company fails. You don't want to use your home address on the Companies House website, either. It may look odd to interested parties, and it's certainly not private.

So you get a 'virtual office address' from one of our many locations across the UK, which has the knock-on effect of improving your business standing. Get a private, confidential service at an affordable price.

It is not possible to use a PO Box address as the Registered Office Address. 

Under the Registered Office Address Service, all statutory mail for your company will be forwarded to you. These are the letters sent from Companies House and HMRC. Usually, they are reminders and notifications about accounts/tax returns.

When we email you we have a letter for you, it will usually be posted or scanned the same day, if your account is in good standing and has the relevant services and/or credits.

Consider us if you want to form a limited company (LTD) and would rather not have your home address on the public record and ending up in multiple other databases.


- Ready to Trade Company (Limited by Shares)
- 24 - 48 Hour Online Formation, Monday - Friday
- Companies House Filing Fee Included 
- Digital Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
- Digital Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association
- Registered Office Service in all major UK cities

Q: Can I change the Registered Office later?

Yes. If you have an alternative address in the UK then you can file form AD01  with Companies House and the change will take effect in about a week. Please keep in mind that you will have to change the address anywhere else you have used it, also e.g. on your business cards and letterheads.

Q: What about other kinds of letters?

We email you if we get a letter of a type not covered by your subscription. We filter out junk mail. You then have the choice of adding the relevant services or credits, or, we can return the letter to sender after 7 days.

Q: Can I use your Registered Office address as my Director's Service Address?

Yes, we have a service to cover you for using the address as a Director's Service Address on Companies House.

A Director's Service Address (or Correspondence Address) is the public mailing address of a Director, as a person. This is so people who have an issue with the company can send him formal letters, and for transparency. A company is a public body, it takes money from people and so who is running it must be known.

Q: What do I need to form a company?

Just one person (who is both director and the shareholder). You need to think up a unique company name and opt for 1 share at £1 ea; that's the simplest. Some unique ID info from you will be required by Companies House, to filter out bogus submissions by unauthorised people e.g. colour of eyes.

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