How To Change Your Director's Service (Or Correspondence) Address

A Director's Service Address (or Director's Correspondence Address) is any address used at Companies House as the public mailing address of a director, as a person. This address is available for anyone to see.

It is not to be confused the the Director's Residential Address, which only the security services and credit-referencing agencies can get access to. These bodies need to know where you live in the event you do deals with Mexican drug-lords or you want to apply to for a loan for a company car.

The Director's Service Address is used by HMRC and Companies House to write to a director if they can't get satisfaction from the company's Registered Office. This would be, for example, if the company had not produced its annual returns in time or there were some glaring anomalies in how it managed its VAT transactions.

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Joe Public may also write to a director at the address if the herbal supplement pills he buys give him a hairy back and an aversion to the colour orange, and he doesn't get satisfaction from writing to the company itself.

As a director, you are now a public person. There's no way 'round it.

This information is public in the interests of transparency. Companies which are opaque in their operation are more prone to skullduggery. You can't have it both ways; anonymity and straight-dealing. The two tend not to go together. The British authorities are historically tired of dealing with the complaints of wronged consumers, so the current system is what they have devised to deal with it. Britain has a long history as a mercantile nation, so it tries to get the balance right. One can't go too far with regulation because people will either get put off starting up a business, or start dealing in cash only.

So you've realised that your evil nemesis can now easily see where you live and you're not too happy about that. How can you change your address?

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In the Companies House form, there's a 'Presenter Information' section you don't have to complete, but if you do,  it'll be on the public record. You can leave it blank. It's not important. Companies change their details all the time. You are just form number thirty-five that some tired civil-servant in Cardiff has to process today.

So don't get too fussed completing these things. Mistakes can be rectifed letter. At some bother, perhaps, but no big deal.

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