Project A National Presence In The UK

RegisteredAddress.co.uk offers multiple addresses in London. With an address in Edinburgh, Scotland and a planned address in Manchester, clients will soon be able to project a national presence in the UK, with addresses in multiple locations.

Many businesses nowadays are internet-based. We are moving towards a knowledge-economy. Whoever has technical expertise superior to the competition tends to win.

Nerds and execs and CEO's are working out how to steal a march on their opponents in Silicon Fairyland, East London. They're working on their laptops. They're working from home. They meet their clients in hotels. They don't need much office space.

They do need an address to put on their website and stationery.

- They need an address to give to Companies House;
- They need an address to put on invoices;
- They need an address to put on their website.

It can't be their director's home address.

- A home address looks unprofessional, unless you're a cuddly self-employed accountant;
- A home address tells people immediately you don't have much money;
- A home address means if you move home or lose your tenancy your have to change your website and stationery, maybe multiple times;
- Your landlord may not allow you to use your home address for business purposes;
- Your home address means that any angry client can come around and bother you and your family, where you live.

You don't need customer feedback at 9am on a Saturday morning standing in your pajamas outside your front door!

With our forthcoming national network, you can have multiple addresses across the UK where you can rendezvous with clients. It will give a toe-hold in major UK cities which are business hubs.

You can see if there's demand there for what you offer, before committing to moving there or setting up your own office.

Watch this space!

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