5 Steps To Getting Your Letter


1. Your Letter Is Received At Your Virtual Office

The postman delivers a sack of letters to the address you’ve purchased from us. The staff accept them, signing for any tracked letters that require it.


2. Your Letter Is Forwarded To Our Processing Centre

Your letter is sent to our central processing centre securely, where specialist staff handle it.


3. Your Letter Is Prepared For Processing

Junk mail is separated out and the rest of the day’s letters are divided between Official/Business, Scanned/Not Scanned and for Posting or Filing. 

Our specialist staff check the sender name and company name.

They filter our junk mail, removing obvious junk and some of the less obvious junk mail. They are experts in this, due to their years of experience in handling client letters.

We want clients to be happy to receive the letters we send them.



4. Your Letter Is Processed

Letters are logged and clients are notified via our bespoke software system.

Our staff locate your account on our system and send you an email notifying you that there’s a letter for you.

The email will either say that the letter will be scanned and uploaded to your account, or posted to you, or that you need to do something extra to receive it, like upload proof of your mail forwarding address to your account.

Staff place your letter in a red tamper-proof envelope and place a sticky address label on it. Letters are posted in a special polyvinyl envelope so that, if someone else in your house opens it to snoop on its contents, it will be very obvious, unlike with an ordinary paper letter.

The letters are then weighed, prior to being set out for collection by Royal Mail.  They are sent Royal Mail First Class.



5. Your Letters Arrives At Your Home Address

Letters are posted 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. It typically takes 48 hours for them to arrive at an address in the UK and 7 days if posted abroad, depending on local postal services in your country.

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