Some Sites We Think You Should See

Some Sites We Think You Should See

These aren't the sites we visit a lot. We will never tell you those. Why? Because it's a secret.


No, really, we won't spill. Finding out what sites a person visits regularly tells you a lot about their mind.

Well, just imagine if your browser history became public. We are sure it's totally wholesome, but ...

People don't really need to know, do they?

Serious point: people who know your doings can unconsciously put obstacles in your way. The extrovert who tells everyone all about his Great New Plans finds achieving them more difficult as a result. So that's that. We're keeping schtum.

Now then!

Here are a few sites worth five minutes of anyone's time:

City A. M.

This paper is given away free in the City of London. RegisteredAddress staff get it when they exit the purgatory that is St Pauls tube station in the morning.

(The Central Line! Sweet Lord.)

City AM's previous editor used to have trenchant comments about business trends. It's still worth a glance for a heads-up, today, on what will cause a frost on the high street, in 6 months time.

This is City AM's previous editor:

Allister Heath

Jim's Marketing Blog

It's a blog. By Jim. Who writes about marketing. And writes well. As does this guy:

Ian Brodie

These ones are also wise is the ways of loot-making:

Pat Flynn

Matthew Woodward

From marketing, to a subject I have grown to loathe: SEO.

Do you know nothing about SEO? Then the following will both inform you and leave you depressed:


Why depressed? Because they show grown men running popular websites, twitching at the slightest tremor from another website: Google. And then writing in-depth articles about the twitching.

'Tis sad, my friend, 'tis sad.

But, c'est la guerre. The internet is Google's prank-monkey for the time being.

The one good thing you can say about the innernet is that it has freed us from the tyranny of paying for newspaper adverts. Remember those?

Now we are free to throw our money at Google Adwords and then, when we've wasted a few hundred quid, at PPC experts who know how to use Google Adwords better than us. Progress!

Dull, but important:

Lovely, lovely tax

Find out how much of your money you're allowed to keep.

Also dull, but a useful reminder:

Search on your own company and find out your deadlines. You can then cut back on your angina medicine. See, you're saving already!

And finally, cynical tech stories for snickering geeks, of which I am also one:

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