Scan & Email Service - Updated is pleased to announce that we have upgraded our Scan & Email service to 'Scan Uploaded'.

Clients who have 'Scan & Email' on their account can now log into their account and read and download their letters.

The client can:

- Read the letter;
- Store the letter online;
- Download the letter;
- Delete the letter.

Letters are uploaded in PDF format, which all PCs and browsers support. It is the standard business-letter file format, for easy distribution to friends and colleagues, should you wish to do so.

How it works:

- Our processing staff see that there's a letter for 'YourCompanyName Ltd';
- They open the letter and scan the document inside;
- They upload the resulting PDF file to your account;
- You get an email from us that there's a letter in your account;
- You log in and get the scanned letter!

Note: If your account number is prefixed with the letter A or C, the letter will be posted to you as well.

'Scan Uploaded' is simply a way to get the content of your letters even faster, so you can act on the contents of important ones.  The hard copy of the letter will turn up in your letterbox some days later, depending on where you are in the world.

You can then use it as you would any other letter i.e. get your bank card out of it or use it as legal proof of receipt of an important document.

In this way using as your mailing address provider is almost as fast using your own home address.

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