Scan & Email Service - Updated

RegisteredAddress.co.uk is pleased to announce that we have upgraded our Scan & Email service.

Clients who have our Scan service can now view and manage letters straight from their accounts.


Clients can:

- Read the letter;
- Organise the letters using colour codes and filenames;
- Delete the letter (or leave it on their account).

Letters are uploaded in PDF format, which all mobile, tablets, computers and browsers support. It is the standard business-letter file format, for easy distribution to friends and colleagues, should you wish to do so.


How it works:

1. Our mail processing staff see that there's a letter for 'Your Name' or 'YourCompanyName Ltd';

2. They then process the letter on our system;

3. Our system then decides whether the letter should be scanned or forwarded based on the services on the account;

4. The letter is opened and the contents inside are scanned;

(Any letters unsuitable for scanning, such as a debit card or cheque, will be posted to you, for free.)

5. They upload the scanned letter to your RegisteredAddress.co.uk account;

6. You get an email from us that there's a letter in your account;

7. You log in and view the scanned letter!

Please note:

- To prevent your confidential information from being accessed by third parties, the letters are shredded once they have been scanned and uploaded.

- All scanned letters, that are not deleted, are stored securely on our cloud service for the lifetime of your account.

- All non-UK customers will no longer have the option to receive their letters via post from 1st January 2023. This decision has been made amid severe disruptions to the postal services both in the UK and elsewhere in the world, as well as implementing new efficiency measures. The BBC reported that letters in Royal Mail delivery centres are being left for days in sorting offices, with parcels being prioritised. You may read the full article here.


Our Scan Services are simply a way to get the content of your letters even faster, so you can act on the important ones.

We are constantly looking at ways to make improvements to our mail forwarding and letter scanning service, and plan to add new features.

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