New Address: Cardiff, Wales

RegisteredAddress.co.uk is pleased to announce a new virtual office address: Churchill Way, Cardiff, Wales.

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, one of the nations that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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Churchill Way office - exterior

Located on the ground floor, this office offers a meeting room, desk spaces and open-plan office space for corporate users. The meeting room can accommodate groups of up 6 people.

The exterior is glass-fronted post-modern in design and the interior is a standard office layout.


Churchill Way office - reception

Near Cardiff Queen Street railway station, this office's location is notable for being in the centre of the capital of Wales and having Cardiff Castle and the famous river Taff in close proximity.

Cardiff is the principal finance and business services centre in Wales, and as such there is a strong representation of these industries in the local economy.


Churchill Way office - meeting room

• Read more about Cardiff here.

Area type: Commercial.

Nearby amenities: Railway station, shopping centre, school, cafes.

Suitable for business types: Corporate, Professional, Technical.

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