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At RegisteredAddress.co.uk we form companies all the time. Some names that clients come up with are quite clever.

The UK makes registering a company name easy, unlike other jurisdictions, which like to load the small businessman up with regulations, licences and fees and then wonder why their economies are stuttering!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when registering a company name:

- 1. Understand the difference between Companies House and the Intellectual Property Office.

Companies House lets you register "Super Pajamas Ltd". What this means is that Super Pajamas Ltd is brought into existence as  a legal entity. It's like giving birth to a baby named "Super Pajamas Ltd".

This company has a separate legal existence from its shareholders and directors. It can enter into legal agreements. It can outlive its founders.

What this does not do is protect the name "Super Pajamas" being used by anyone else in the same niche or in your local area. The only thing it stops is someone else setting up a company with that exact name in England.

If you want to develop and protect a trademark called "Super Pajamas", then you need to register that name with the Intellectual Property Office: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/intellectual-property-office

This means you can legally prove that's your brand and fight off attempts to infringe that trademark, in court.

Registering a company does not protect a name style, and registering a trademark does not prevent someone else setting up a company of  a similar name especially if they then trade with a different trading name to the company name.

If you want to stop determined copycats you'll have to fight in court.

The only intellectual property safeguard that registering a company offers is that someone can't then set up a company of the exact same name. It doesn't stop them registering variants. Otherwise, one person could claim ownership of the word "pajamas" for good and all, and that would be ludicrous.

Mind you, that, in turn, wouldn't stop a company like Apple trying to control usages of the word "apple".

If you've got the money and energy, you can intimidate small businessmen in court, quite legally.

- 2. Choose A Name Wisely.

Now, this is entirely up to you, dear reader.

- You can call your company "Excited Archimandrite Balloonist Ltd" and no one will object.

- Or you can call your company "Best Delivery Company Ltd" and likewise, no one will object, if there's no duplicate in the Companies House database.

- Or your can call your company "ZingZender Ltd" and again, no problem from the authorities.

But think: Which of these names would be a good name, long term, for a delivery company?

It helps to spend a little time thinking about the moniker you're going to see day after day, for at least a year, until you run out of money(!)

- You'll have to tell people this name.
- You'll have to dictate the spelling over the phone.
- Clients will have to try and remember it.
- It should be suitable for your niche.
- You hope to be able to sell this company in the future.
- You hope to attract investors in the future.

Your little joke or surge of pride, your lack of imagination, on Day 1, may cost you dear on Day 437 when you're trying to make a deal and a disinterested moneyman is looking over your prospectus.

- 3. So You Want To Register A Company Name?

Go here to use us: http://www.registeredaddress.co.uk/company-formation/home

You'll need to have thought out what name you want, who the Directors and Shareholders are to be, how many shares and at what price you'll issue them, and what the Registered Office is to be.

The good news is that this is not as super-serious as it may seem. You could technically register joke details. However, that's not smart, really. This is going on the public record and the initial information can't be erased later; you can only strike-off the company. So spend a little time getting it right.

Our staff are happy to answer questions about your company registration. You may contact us here: https://www.registeredaddress.co.uk/contactcompany

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