7 Reasons Not To Use Our Competitors

Most businesses will pitch reasons to use their services. In this article we list reasons not to use our competitors, based on questions our clients ask us, and our own research. Registered Address Limited has been operating since 2009.

1. Suites, Floors And Units

A lot of mail forwarding agents won't let you have a proper mailing address. To look convincing to your customers, you need an address that looks normal. "Suite 304" does not look normal, except maybe in the USA. "Floor 4" indicates, at best, a bland office block and at worse, that you are using a mail-forwarding agent. Neither of these corroborate your projecting yourself as an up-and-coming IT startup.

"Units" are Ok if you are in manufacturing, repairs or storage. It suggests an industrial estate. It's no good for more clerical occupations, like accountants or media.


RegisteredAddress.co.uk offers normal addresses in upmarket locations in Central London.

2. Too Good To Be True

Anyone offering to forward your letters for a very low price is probably a scammer. Paying staff in London costs money. Office space costs money.  Utilities cost money. Postage costs more and more money as time goes by. Companies that compete on price, in a silly way, are either going to go bust or cut corners on service. Or both.

There is a low barrier to entry in this industry but a high admin cost after year two. If you've got 200 letters coming in a day and you're only getting paid postage to forward them, well, you can do the math.


RegisteredAddress.co.uk offers mail forwarding at reasonable prices.

3. Lacking Certain Services

You may be able to use their address as a sole trader but you can't use it as a Registered Office of a limited company. They may only post letters once a week. They may just stick an address label on your letter and repost it.


RegisteredAddress.co.uk offers you a Registered Office service and currently posts 3 times a week, in branded, tamper-proof envelopes.

4. Hidden Costs

The yearly fee you pay may be low but the mailing costs are high. Or vice versa. You want to add X to your account but find out it costs a fortune.


RegisteredAddress.co.uk offers lets you add reasonably-priced credits as you go along, from your control panel in your account. Registered Office letters from HMRC and Companies House are forwarded free.

5. High Costs

Some providers charge quite a lot of money to use their address. Indeed, some will charge monthly what we charge yearly.


RegisteredAddress.co.uk offers accommodation addresses at prices which compare well with the industry average.

6. Downmarket Address

Look up our competitor's physical address on Google maps. Does it project the image you want for your business? You should try to match your client's expectations. People don't expect a plumber to operate from a glass tower nor a digital marketing agency from a portacabin.


RegisteredAddress.co.uk offers good-looking addresses in upmarket areas of Central London.

7. Their Address Is Often Used By Scammers

If a mail forwarding provider doesn't ask for proof of ID and forwarding address, they are ripe for small-time crooks to take advantage. This can lead over time to the address going on a credit blacklist.


RegisteredAddress.co.uk asks for proof of ID and forwarding address of all its customers.

Conclusion: It's important for you to do due diligence on whoever you use for your mail forwarding. You can be sure some of your more cautious clients will! It's too late when you're waiting for an important letter and can't get the forwarding agent on the 'phone.

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