New Monthly Payment Policy - Details

RegisteredAddress.co.uk is pleased to announce a new monthly payment plan, for existing customers, whose renewal fees are £100-plus.

This feature will help clients spread payments over 12 months instead of one paying one large lump sum up front.

(Please note: you are still committed to a 12 month subscription-period, it's just that the payments are spread out.)

The advantage is for those customers who may not be able to afford a large outlay all at once, but who want to retain the use of our address.

- How Do I Get This?

On the renewal page in your account control panel, there are two tabs: Yearly or Monthly. Select 'Monthly' to go on that plan.

Please note also: this payment model does not cover 'one off' services or products. 

- What Are 'One-Off' Services?

Services like 'Virtual Office Inauguration Certificate' or 'Confirmation Statement Service' are just one-off services with one-off payments. They cannot be included in the total annual fee calculation.

- Can I Pay Via Paypal?

No. Monthly payment is only available via credit or debit card, via Authorize.net.

Authorize.net are one of the oldest online payment processors and will store your card details. Registered Address Limited does not retain your credit-card details. Your details are secure.

This also benefits our clients in this way: it's up to you if you want to renew with us at the end of your account year. Your account renewal is under your control.

- What If I Cancel After Two Months?

This method of payment is a special concession. You are legally bound, by our Terms & Conditions, to pay the full fee for a year's service. It's like Hire Purchase agreement. It is not like a rental agreement. Read more here about our Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions

Clients use of our address generate letters which we have to process, even after their account expires. We are simply making payment of the full fee easier by spreading it out over twelve months. Premature cancellation will require the remainder of the 12 months to be paid.

- Why Are We Doing This?

It's to help entrepreneurs spread the cost over a 12-month period.  Small startups are often not well-funded. They can take a while to get going. Entrepreneurs are looking to save money wherever and whenever they can. In the era of Amazon & Ebay, people expect value for money.

RegisteredAddress.co.uk is happy to accommodate cost-conscious startups. Years ago, RegisteredAddress.co.uk was a small startup in east London working to break into the virtual office niche.

- Bonus 1: Save 2 months fees by paying the whole year altogether in one go!

- Bonus 2: If you need it, you can add another service to put your renewal fee over £100.
You will then be able to see the monthly-fee plan option.

- What Are The Benefits?

Well, the obvious one is that you do not have to make a big payment upfront; you can pay in easy stages.

The less obvious one is that you will be easily able to factor the cost of having a high-quality address in London into your monthly budget, along with your electricity, gas, mobile phone and other fees.

As an existing client, you know the value of the services we offer:

Registered Office;
Director's Service Address;
Business Address.

- You save on the hassle of renting your own address near where you live;
- You save on the hassle of having unwanted visitors come to your home address at inconvenient times;
- You can move your place of operation multiple times without having to change your mailing address on your website and stationery. This can save hundreds of pounds in the early years of your business;
- Your listing at Companies House looks stable even if your personal circumstances are, occasionally, not!

You can then relax in the knowledge that the only major yearly outgoing your company will have will be your tax return!

Is your service up for renewal? Login to your account's control panel and check out the new options:  RegisteredAddress.co.uk/login


Basic entry-level mail-forwarding in Central London averages at about £150 per year, excluding postal costs; some providers charge much more. You may get cheaper elsewhere but you may also find that getting that important letter, when you really need it, can be a problem!

Anyone offering mail forwarding on premises in Central London is going have have to staff, furnish, maintain and market those addresses and that cannot be done cheaply, without some part of the service suffering.

Registered Address Limited takes full advantage of 21st century technology to streamline its virtual office services and passes the savings onto you, the customer.

- Signing up with us is automated;
- Email notifications are sent automatically if you have a letter;
- Letters can be scanned-and-emailed to you, so there's no delay in getting your important communications;
- You can form your company directly through us, online, simply and with no fuss;
- Letters are posted to you Monday - Friday.

For marketing purposes we decrease the price for initial registrations to allow new customers to experience our service for a year before renewal for the second year.

We feel that our service is superior to other virtual office providers on the market. We have complete belief in our products and services and are pleased with the growing number of customers who renew with us every year.


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