Offer: £25 Off Dormant Company Accounts

£25 Off Dormant Company Accounts with Code: "DCA-25"

Receive a £25 discount on Dormant Company Accounts filing when you also purchase our Registered Office Address and Director's Service Address. Let our experienced accountancy team handle the filing of your dormant company accounts with Companies House, the UK's official Registrar of Companies.

Use code: DCA-25

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*This discount is available exclusively at the time of registration.

Keeping a company officially dormant requires the regular submission of dormant company accounts (typically once a year). This service is crucial for companies that are not currently trading but wish to maintain their registered status with Companies House and preserve their company name.

Our offer bundles this essential service with the Registered Office Address and Director's Address services, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining your company's compliance and privacy. The Registered Office Address is your company's official address, recorded publicly and used for formal correspondence. The Director's Address service serves as your personal public correspondence address, essential for every director and beneficial for reducing unwanted mail and safeguarding privacy.

About us: We are a licensed company formation agent listed on CompaniesHouse.gov.uk website. We are also a registered accountancy firm. Fees are priced to suit startups.

Registered Address Ltd, established in 2009, has incorporated thousands of companies for clients in the UK and abroad. Learn more about us here.

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