How To Change Your Forwarding Address

Quite often, clients sign up with one forwarding address and then later on they need to change it.

This is normal. People move house all the time. Or they change their principal place of business. Or they don't have access to the address they initially gave us any longer.

So, in order to continue to get their letters, they ask us to update their mail-forwarding address on our admin system.

There is some bureaucracy involved, for four reasons:

1. Local authorities require us to Know Our Customer. This means that we have to ask for proof of address, because ...

1a. A small minority of clients may want to use a forwarding address they are not entitled to;

2. Clients may wish to change their forwarding address on a whim, when it is not strictly necessary (e.g. when going on holiday);

3. Clients may wish to change their address many times, if they are business travellers, when it is not strictly necessary;

4. Changing address makes work for our staff, who have to verify and sometimes upload the document manually, if the client can't do it.

So for these reasons we require clients to:

1. Pay a fee of £10 + VAT (we will email you a payment link);

2. Write the address as you would wish it to read, in an email to us, so we can copy and paste it exactly as you want it to read, into our system;

3. Upload (preferably) or email us a scan or photo of a utility bill, bank statement, government letter, tenancy agreement or other substantial document on headed notepaper, from the new address;

4. Then reply, and then our staff will change the address on your account manually.

The main reason for this procedure is that local authorities require us to verify who our clients are, to filter out low-level fraud which makes work for them and ultimately damages our society.

We are happy to do this, as we only wish to support honest startups and small businesses who are taking their first steps in commerce and who need to put a normal, good-looking business address as their public mailing address.

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