Offer: 50% Off Director’s Address Service

50% Off Director's Address Service with Code: "DIR-50"

Get the Director's Address Service for half the price when you also buy our Registered Office Address and Business Address Service.

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*This offer requires the purchase of both the Registered Address and Business Address services; a comprehensive solution for company directors seeking privacy and a fully-fledged virtual office address.

Since 1st October 2009, a UK company director can register two addresses at Companies House:

(a) Their Service or Correspondence Address;
(b) Their Residential Address.

The Director's Service Address is your official, public correspondence address. Every director needs one. This address not only helps in maintaining your privacy but also cuts down on junk mail and nuisance callers.

Note: This offer is available at registration only.

About us: We are a licensed company formation agent listed on CompaniesHouse.gov.uk website. We are also a registered accountancy firm. Fees are priced to suit startups.

Registered Address Ltd, established in 2009, has incorporated thousands of companies for clients in the UK and abroad. Learn more about us here.

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