How To Start A Startup


Here are some articles we've crafted over the years which take you step-by-step through the process of starting a startup and then maintaining it.

Beginner businessmen sometimes dive headfirst into starting a business without researching first, and thus they do not stand on the shoulders of those that have gone before them.

Should you start a startup at all?

Being an entrepreneur has a certain glamour but there are hard facts to take into consideration before you quit your day job.

- When NOT to start your own business.
- Employment vs. Entrepreneurship.

Personal attributes of a starter businessman

What qualities should you have?

- 7 things a businessman needs.

How to come up with a business idea

Come up with a worthwhile idea for your business before you commit time and money.

- How to come up with a business idea (6 part series.)

Get a postal address for your website

- Buy a mailing address for your website today.

What can you sell?

How to narrow down what you can offer the public.

- What you can sell to make some money.

Starting a business: 30 tips

Some simple ideas to get your business going without making basic mistakes.

- 30 tips on starting a business (3 part series.)

Limited Company - Pros and Cons

Should you set up a limited company, or not?

- Advantages & disadvantages of setting up a limited company.

How to create a business plan

Financiers will need to see one of these before they invest in your company.

- How to create a business plan.

How to get a business bank account

Your clients will often want to pay you direct to your business bank account. If you use a personal one, it can create accounting and image problems.

- How UK residents can get a business bank account.

- How non-residents can get a UK bank account.

Keeping proper accounts

How to keep track of your income an expenditure in a way that will please your accountant and HMRC.

- Small business accounting tips: an overview.

How to avoid going bankrupt

Sometimes businesses show warning signs that all is not well. Here's what to do.

- How to avoid going bust.

Gone bust? No problem!

Dust yourself off and start again.

- So your business has failed, so what?

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