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Apply for a FREE business bank account with business bank account Barclays logo

and get 12 months of FREE banking (worth £70+)

Through our special arrangement with Barclays, you can now apply for a FREE business bank account. Simply fill out the form and within 48+ working hours a member of staff from Barclays will contact you to arrange an appointment at your local branch.

Am I eligible for a referral?

The Barclays referral service is only for UK based limited companies in which at least one director is resident in the UK. For individuals looking to open a personal account or a business account for a sole trader company, they will need to contact Barclays directly.

What type of service will I get from Barclays?

Free business banking for 12 months - at the end of your free banking you will have a choice of 2 straightforward price plans. You will also get the flexibility to manage your account online, by phone, via the Barclays mobile banking app or in-branch.

When can I expect a call back?

The referral is submitted across to Barclays, who will contact you within 48+ working hours.

How do I arrange a meeting?

Barclays will arrange an appointment at a branch of your choice at a convenient time to open the business bank account. For customers who already bank with Barclays, they are able to process the account opening over the phone.

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