What Kind Of Businesses Should Opt For Silvertown, London E16?

We've opened a new office in Silvertown, London E16. Silvertown is an industrialised district in the West Ham area of the London Borough of Newham, in east London, England.

From Wikipedia:

"On 21 April 2015, Newham Council gave planning permission to The Silvertown Partnership for a new £3.5billion redevelopment of the area. The 7 million square foot development will provide offices, a tech hub, 3,000 new homes and brand experience pavilions ...

The Silvertown Partnership’s plans aim to deliver a vibrant new destination in London with homes, restaurants, commercial buildings, local convenience retail facilities and significant public realm for community use. The heritage of enterprise in the Royal Docks will be revitalised bringing up to 21,000 new jobs, up to 3,000 homes and contributing £260m each year of gross value to the London economy. The redevelopment will include the restoration of former flour factory Millennium Mills ...

Prior to this latest development, the area was transformed in the 1970s by the construction of the Thames Barrier, an adjacent park, new housing areas and the London City Airport."*

London view from Shooters Hill Silvertown

The most notable local features are the Tate & Lyle sugar factory and London City Airport. The later is quite unusual. It lets one fly into the heart of a major city, instead of having to commute from the outskirts.

The nearest 'tube' station to our office is the London City Airport DLR. As one journeys there one can see the previous industrial areas being transformed to office spaces and housing. It is remarkable that such a huge and ancient city has so much development space at its centre.

So, would your business benefit from a Silvertown address?

At the time of writing the following niches would suit:

- Trades (plumbing, electrician, landscaping);
- Construction;
- Freight and delivery;
- Manufacturing;
- Food and beverage;
- Transportation.

As time goes by, the area will go more upmarket and so will local businesses. There is a gradual move eastwards by fashionable businesses seeking cheap rents. London is now a focus of intensive competition for living space. This has driven residential rents sky-high. This has the knock on effect of causing artists and bohemians to move into cheaper areas, which in time become popular with the middle classes.

Aerial view of London City Airport

Silvertown is definitely in its post-industrial phase and in time will be transformed, if only due to the need for individuals and businesses to have a space to perch in one of the most ancient and dynamic Western cities.

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*Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silvertown

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