Why Get A Virtual Office In London With A Mailing Address?

Well, London is right on the meridian. It used to be the centre of world commerce. It's still a big financial centre. It used to be the centre of a world-spanning empire; its old dominions have ingested English culture. The Roman Empire fell over a thousand years ago, but Roman culture lives on.

This means that having an office in London gets you respect, for a few pounds a month.

Having an office in Ukraine, Delaware or Uttar Pradesh doesn't have the same appeal. Most people couldn't point to those places on a map. 80% of the world's population can find London.

Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, red telephone boxes and British bobbies all feature in people's subconscious. It's simple brand-recognition. This is useful for new startups which no one knows anything else about.

Then there's tax considerations. HMRC take 20% of a company's profits as tax, but paying it is pretty simple. You can even do it online. There's less red-tape here.

To have a UK company requires a UK address; a 'registered office'. No one wants to rent an actual office, so you just rent an 'accommodation address'; a virtual office address you use for correspondence only. Thanks to the bust-up of UK telecoms, you can get a London phone number re-directed to your mobile, as well, for a few GBP per month. Get a website and an email address and you're good to go as a UK co.!

Services like ours will forward your letters to your home address. Letters are still important in the 21st century; they are used to send confidential information and as physical reminders. Emails can be lost, junked or deleted by accident; letters can't be. A small digital company won't get many letters, but the ones it does get will tend to be important.

This page also works as a calculator; you can mix and match options and the fee can be calculated at the bottom: http://www.registeredaddress.co.uk/registrationoptions

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