How To Come Up With A Business Idea - Part 4

How To Come Up With A Business Idea.

Part 4 of 6

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Formation agents are officially approved partners of Companies House who are authorised to directly submit company formation requests to Companies House.

Every new company request still needs to be manually approved by Companies House, and formation agents need to follow a rigorous process to stay compliant.

However, formation agents also bring something unique to the table:

Better Experience!

Now follow these simple steps:

- Enter your desired company name

- Click the search button;
--- Check the status of that name;
--- Click the link to proceed with registration.

As you can see, there's questions on:

- Class of shares;
- Amount paid on shares;
- Nominal value & Aggregate nominal value;
- Company subscribers.

Don't forget - Companies House themselves will charge a ~£15 fee for every new company registered - no one is exempt from this!

Fill in the basic details

Once we choose a package (we went for the cheapest option for this example) we are presented with some super basic questions, similar to what you would find when signing up for an email address!

Note here: We have a choice of choosing a registered address location - some are in more upmarket and premium locations than others, thus the price difference.

Choose a package that suits your business needs (Privacy is best)

Registered address currently has an introductory offer: Free company formation when you buy a registered address!

That means we pay the £12 incorporation fee!






Here we add our directors:



If you need to add more than 1 company director, just click the big green button on the bottom right!




Top half:

Nice and quick summary, notice the "class of share", "currency" and "total shares" are all prefilled for you automatically!

Bottom half:

Another summary, but here we can adjust the shares for each director if required.

Now previously, we mentioned we're going to register our desired company name "Bubblegum Flavour Extracts Limited" with companies house so that we legally own that entity.

These interfaces provide ton of extras, such as useful explanations of questions, live chat and even prefilling some of the difficult questions on your behalf!

- The tool WILL send off your data to Companies House - this is NOT reversible!

- Companies House will add this request to a queue and they manually approve all requests.

- It can take anywhere from ~3 - 24 hours for Companies House to form your company - this is the same amount of time that you would wait regardless of whether you registered directly with Companies House or with any other agent.



At Registered Address - we've revolutionised how easy and simple it is to register a new limited company!

Just give us the name and your personal details, and let us take care of the rest!

Seriously, there are only 2 quick steps - you could probably finish it in 60 seconds!

And that's it, folks!

There's so much I want to qualify and more neat stuff on company formation, getting premium services for free and opening a bank account etc..

All to come in following lessons, but in the meantime, you're all set to start your own limited company today!



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