FREE Company Formation With Every Registered Office Address

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RegisteredAddress.co.uk is pleased to announce a new DIY free company formation with every registered office address purchased:

Click Here.

1. Enter a company name;
2. Tick the address option you want;
3. And proceed!

You can submit your info in 60 seconds. Companies House will reply in under 24 hours.

You get:

- Incorporation Certificate;
- Share Certificate;
- Memorandum Of Association;
- Articles of Association;
- Registered office address for your statutory mail;
- Director's Service Address to keep your home address private;
- Optional: printed hard copies of your documents, above;
- Optional: £50 cashback* Barclays business bank account*.

Having a proper London business mailing address means that, if you choose the Privacy option, your home address won't show in searches on the Companies House database.

Background: Every limited company has to have a registered office. This is the official address where legal letters are sent to it.

Many big businesses use a different address to where they trade from for practical reasons; their factory is in one building and their correspondence address is somewhere else. You will see on the About pages of famous websites: 'BigCompanyName Ltd. Registration Number 9899881. Registered office: 39 Posh Street, Holborn, London EC1 1AB' .

This saves having to change all one's stationery whenever one moves ones' base of operations.

Note: Every director of a UK limited company has to give a public Service or Correspondence address to Companies House. Having a Director's Service Address means that our address shows, and not yours. We strongly recommend clients buy our Privacy option for this purpose.

You look more professional and your clients take you more seriously.

Try it today!

* Subject to successful application approval by Barclays Bank.

*Offer ends 6th Feb. 2019

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