Some Pros And Cons Of Working From Home

There a number of great reasons to work from home and there are some demerits. Here are a few of them: 

1. Ease Of Commuting

One of the great trials of office working in the 20th century to the present day is how long it takes you get from your home to your place of work. Despite the availability of cheap public transport and long, wide highways, getting to work on time is a real bother for many people. Getting to work on time and in a good mood is even rarer. 

With the rise of excellent highways and faster trains, people now confidently expect to be able to walk out of their home 70 miles away from their workplace and get there by a certain time. This is a recipe for stress. Why? Well, there are too many variables to interrupt one's stately progress into the office.

One is other commuters i.e. a traffic jam on the road or crowded trains at the railway station. Other people are so annoying, aren't they? Getting in the way of your important mission. There they are, clogging  your thoroughfare.

Another is the fact that a percentage of people simply don't give themselves enough time to get to work. They cut it too fine. Thus, a delay of 3 minutes at a traffic light or between trains has them grinding their teeth and cursing the railway operator under their breath. Whereas all they need to do is leave the house 10 minutes earlier. Psychologically, however, they want to spend that 10 minutes in bed or on the PC or whatever, so it's a cue for aggravation.

Then there's simple fate: there's snow on the line, roadworks on the carriageway or you have a small emergency and you are delayed by a huge 15 minutes: cue apologies at work which no one really cares about anyway. 

All of this gets the ol' blood pressure pumping, whereas working from home you cut it all out. 

2. Save On Renting Office Space

Renting office space is a serious financial commitment. You get into a leasing agreement which gives you many of the responsibilities of a property owner with few of the benefits. Owning property is great; renting it is money down the drain. You don't get any lasting benefit from pay 000's of pounds a month to a landlord whose only interest is, in the end, how much money he can get out of you, with the hope you don't mess up his property. 

Office space is charged by the square foot; there's no point entering into a lease for space you don't need, especially if your company is essentially you. It might suit your vanity but it won't suit your wallet!

3. Peace, Perfect Peace.

When you work from home you can dictate your environment. You can have it as noisy or as tranquil as you want. You can let the kids run around or lock yourself away in your home office to concentrate on your work. You can working in your jammies and have a break for elevenses with coffee made just the way you like it. 

However, there are distinct advantages to having access to office space away from home.

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