Shared Office Desk Spaces Save You Renting Your Own Office

When your company expands and you need to take on staff, you'll find meeting at home or a cafe is not ideal.

Home is home. The wife won't appreciate hipsters wandering into the bathroom. A cafe has other customers who may not appreciate you going over your Spring 2020 strategy while they're eating their bacon sandwiches.

So the thought arises: "I need to get my own office".

Problem: renting your own office means a lease and sizeable monthly bills.

Solution: rent desk spaces in someone else's office.


1. Flexibility

You can keep it for a long or as short a time as you need. You can get your team together to work in a particular project 9 - 5 then go back to telecommuting when it's done. Buy or drop desks as you need.

2. Low cost

You are paying a fixed monthly all-inclusive fee which is considerably less than what the leaseholder is paying out to maintain his hold on the property.

3. Quality

You can afford a serviced office for the same fee as would get you an empty room if you leased it yourself.

4. Location

You can buy access to an office in the city centre which is easier for everyone to commute to.

5. Location

You can buy access to an office is an area popular in your niche e.g. Clerkenwell, Chancery Lane or Shoreditch.

6. Location

You can buy access to a nice-looking office which reflects much better on your company, than one you could afford to rent entirely on your own.

7. Scalability

Share an office in an area you'll eventually get your own office in. Then when you move out, to your own office in the same area, it will be less jarring for your staff and clients.

8. Try before you buy

An area may be trendy but you may find it's a bit too pricey or crowded. You think you need an office but after three months together your find the staff are often working from home anyway.

So, you made the smart move by not committing to a lease!

9. Image

A company which doesn't have an office projects an image. A company which can meet clients somewhere nice projects another.

You'd better be really good at what you do if you want to attract investment while operating from a Haggerston cafe.

Clients are looking for clues all the time about who they're dealing with. If you're sending contradictory signals, bye-bye client.

10. Connections

Working in isolation means less feedback on your work. You can go off on a tangent.

Working with different kinds of people means you are more grounded. You can try out ideas on them. Watching them strive gives you ideas about your own projects.

You can measure what you're doing against their success and failures. You can make friends with like minds and collaborate with people you'd never meet ordinarily.

11. Facilities

You get fast broadband, kitchen, printing, reception, lavatories and furniture all laid on.

Moving office can be a nightmare. Moving into something already set up makes much more sense.

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