Advantages Of Hot Desking

Hot desking is where you share your deskspace with other people. It's most often used by companies where staff are on the road most of the time. The company could have desks which lie idle. Office space is expensive; you pay by the square foot.

So a way to save money is to let people share desks. This idea has really come of age with the advent of the internet. Lots of people can now so serious work from home. They can log into the office network, make phone calls via Skype or their mobile and type up correspondence while on the train. In the past, when you were out of the office you had a lot of time on your hands. Not so today!

Hotdesking also has another use. As an entrepreneur, you may not need to rent your own office space but it would be nice to have some place outside the home where you can clear your head, get more work done and gossip with other like-minded people. It can be useful for networking. It can be inspiring to meet up with people from different professions, all trying to make it big. You can bounce ideas off them.

Companies are now offering hot desking for the entrepreneur. A small startup may not need an office suite in the centre of town but it's nice to have someplace you can bring your laptop to, pick up your mail and meet people by the kitchenette.

The big danger of working from home is that you only have yourself to talk to. While you may be a great conversationalist, you're not going to be able to' think outside your head'. Or maybe you've got kids who are demanding your attention. There's a kitchen full of snacks, a TV and a garden to potter in. It's all too familiar and distracting.

When this topic comes up on forums small businessmen often state that getting their own office was a good idea, even though they could have worked from home. Working from home isn't very inspiring and you can become very insular. Your home is full of distractions. Going out to work means you have to have a wash and a shave and smarten up a bit. You commute to your hot-desk office, meet a few fellow entrepreneurs and then settle down for a bit of work in a different, inspiring environment.

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