Rebranding Registered Address

RegisteredAddress has a new logo.

A successful rebrand can breathe new life into a company, or can serve to reposition a company in line with new strategies, products or services. It has to be done, however, with a clear focus on vision and strategy.

Think of it like a small makeover, a new suit and a haircut can change how a person is perceived and this is the same with brands and logos. A rebrand should maintain a connection to the previous logo, however the new ‘suit’ can update the look for today’s audiences.

We had to come up with something that doesn't move away from the old and keeping the ‘envelope’ as part of the logo was important to maintain that familiarity. It also hammers home our main and most important operation of business: mail forwarding.

Several iterations of the logo were made with various colours, sizes and stroke weights. We had to ensure that it looked modern but at the same time, still give a corporate and established feel.

We first liked the idea of having a two-tone icon, using the two prominent colours on RegisteredAddress.co.uk; red and black, however the logo looked unprofessional and didn’t align with our desired objectives.

The final logo that was produced fit the objectives that we set out.

Keep the logo, shift the look: We reverted to having a one-tone icon using red, our brand colour. The ‘Registered’ text was kept using the same font as before and the only adjustment made was making it 80% black.

Modernise the look: The ‘Address’ text was made using a thin type-face that is both modern and corporate. It gives the logo are more sleek and cleaner look. The ‘.co.uk’ was removed from the logo altogether.

Emphasise the message: We quickly realised that the logo conveyed the appropriate messages; Professional, Value for Money and the service - Mail-Forwarding.

We are excited to display our new logo as a marker of new products and services to come.

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