How To Come Up With A Business Idea - Part 5

How To Come Up With A Business Idea.

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When you've formed your new limited company, you'll probably want to also receive client correspondence, bank statements and other non-Companies House or non-HMRC letters.

We can also forward them to you - just buy the Business Address Service and as many mail-forwarding credits as you need!

Opinion: Only amateurs use their home address as their registered address.

We get it - when you're first starting out with any type of business - cash is TIGHT!

You can't afford a fancy office (with the expensive rent), no modern desks or swivelling chairs - heck, maybe not even a logo for now!

So unless you've had a cash injection or borrowed a few grand to get started, the rest of us just used our home addresses when registering our business, or used them on customer invoices.

Picture this; you've got a prospective client meeting, you probably put on your best suit and they were impressed with your portfolio.

They want to move ahead, and you hand them an invoice ...

Let's be honest, when that potential customer/client sees "Flat 41A, Beavermore Cottages ..." on your invoice, it certainly hurts your business credibility and ruins your chances on charging higher rates as your upmarket competitors located in the city!

It's easy, the address is only designed to receive and forward your letters to you - just like a PO box!

It's really the best way to protect and separate your personal life from your business life! ... and plenty more:

The main reason why everyone gets's a registered office address - to be able to receive the occasional letters from Companies House and HMRC.

There's a TON of registered address services out there that will happily allow you to use their address for a monthly fee and forward your letters, but with some discrepancies, such as:

- Forwarding your letters late;
- Having to wait for long durations (for international business owners);
- Charging a monthly fee!

- ZERO monthly fees

Yes seriously, no one wants to pay monthly fees/rent for a virtual office. Whilst other providers charge £20-£60/month - we charge that for the entire year!

(Optional) Meet your clients at your premium office locations!

Book meeting rooms with professional whiteboards and drinks facilities - £20/hr
How to avoid exposing your home address by using it for business purposes on your letterhead and website.

So how does a registered address help?

- Huge discount on your company formation (we'll pay the £12 Companies House fees);

- 1-year free membership of a registered address;

- Letters from Companies House or HMRC scanned + forwarded to you for free! (other letters/parcels not included);

- Free 1-year business banking with Barclays - plus up to £100 cashback!* (subject to approval).

Now, we've mentioned this before, a registered address is simply the address that is "registered" as your company's official correspondence address.

This can be any address that your company has permission/access to, mainly used to receive letters from:

- Important letters from Companies House/HMRC;
- Legal notices (if the need arises);
- Letters/Invoices/Cheques from clients (remember this is your official address).

Did you know: when you register a UK limited company, the official company address you enter is publicly displayed alongside your company name, available for anyone to see?

Using a registered address can protect you and cloak your private residence.

Sole traders don't have this problem as they don't need to register with Companies House, but they still might consider getting a registered address to conceal their private address.








-  Get your letters forwarded to you!

-  Protect your home address from the angry customers and the creeps!

- (Optional) Get an actual desk space and work from your premium office location!

Not just a virtual address, but you can get a desk space with superfast internet and work in the area, 5-days a week from just £99/month!

- Run a UK business from abroad!

The UK Companies House makes it very easy for foreigners to start a business in the UK, especially handy for those who work from abroad, but having a physical presence in the UK and responding to letters can be tricky ... unless you have a registered address of course!

So we developed our own registered address solution!

At Registered Address, we're not stuck with just one location, in-fact, you could have multiple offices across the country to give a nationwide presence.

Using our office addresses in premium locations, such as central London, Shoreditch, Holborn etc means you can have your address right in the worlds tech hub, alongside large brands. This gives your new business huge credibility and increases the chances of clients working with you!

- No automatic renewals, hidden fees or contracts.

Yes - on top of charging annually, we don't lock you into long-term contracts or trick you by renewing your subscription automatically. You are always in control, and that's the way we like to keep it :)

- Simply the best post forwarding service - ever.

Just for being a client of our registered address, you can get all the following included:

- Any Junk mail addressed to your company filtered out for free

- Any letters from Companies House or HMRC forwarded with a 1st class stamp to the address of your choice for free, plus an option to have the letters scanned and emailed to you so you receive them instantly (very useful for international clients)

- We can take care of your limited company registration too!

As registered partners of the UK Companies House, you can use our tool to submit your limited company registration request in as little as 60 seconds, after which Companies House will approve.

- Huge discounts & bonuses on extra add-ons + Premium support over email or telephone.

Need help? We don't charge extra for support. Chat live/email us or pick up the phone and talk to a support rep with questions or queries - we'll try our best to always take care of it.

*Offer expires 6th Feb 2019 




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