7 Useful Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Code


RegisteredAddress.co.uk has an affiliate program: https://www.registeredaddress.co.uk/blog/Our-Affiliate-Program

You can monitor your earnings from your account control panel.

Any client can make some extra cash by promoting their account number as a discount code.

Try out this trial code number 112233 here: https://www.registeredaddress.co.uk/registration

Now, here are 7 tips to help you make more money with your code:

1. Industry Communities.

club or association where other startups meet would appreciate a discount on a virtual office mailing address. A virtual mailing address is the smart way for a new business to get an address to match their ambition.

The newbie businessman typically realises he needs:

- A company registration;
- A website;
- A mailing address for the above.

That's where your code comes in!

2. Online Forums.

These are vital in understanding what is going on now in your niche.  From your sitting room you can liaise with people one hundred miles away and find out what the latest government initiative means for your industry.

You may need to buy the right to post links or have a signature. If it's a popular forum, do it. You can publicise your own existence there and get tips from other hardcore posters who have firm opinions about the right way to do business in your industry.

3. Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be employed to promote your affiliate number. RegisteredAddress.co.uk is a professional-looking site, so you can post our code, and a link, to your pals, knowing that it leads to a good deal for them.

4. Your Blog.

Pages which link to related, authority sites can help you in gaining search engine prominence. You can promote good deals to your readers at the same time. Everyone is looking for a tip or a lead which helps them get what they want. Blogs, being written by individuals who care about how they're perceived,  are a very useful way of cutting through internet 'noise'.

In time, you can become an authority yourself and people will be contacting you to advertise on your site.

5. Your Mailing List.

Again, your clients and friends are happy to get discount deals via someone they trust. Slip our code into your mail-out along with your other tips. You'll find that a few people will check out what it does.

We find that many people are not aware that virtual offices even exist, until they need one. They decide to start up a business, they get a website and then realise "Duh, I need to put a postal address on it, but, um,  I don't want to use my home address ..."

Cue RegisteredAddress.co.uk and your affiliate discount code.

6. Your Email Signature.

A little note in your email signature is a good way to passively promote any offering, every time you send an email.

7. Classified Ads.

There's usually only one ad site in your area or niche which is worthwhile. Consider posting a free ad. Some of these sites are not popular, some are sniffy about certain types of adverts but there is usually at least one that is popular and let you post what you want.

Post an ad. Some last for a month, three months or even six months! Fire it off and then do another one.

And then forget about it. Move on to the next site. The more places your advert appears, the more sales trickle in over time.

Don't forget to lace any ad you place with relevant keywords. Make the ad a bit wordy. Add a picture. Only people who are selling gold bars at a discount can afford to be terse when they advertise.

8. Promote Quality.

This is a general tip for marketing anything: only promote high-quality goods. This deals with one opening remark any shopper can make about any good: that it's somehow defective. When you sell the best, that kind of haggling can be brushed off, or it doesn't even come up.

The other major factors like price and speed of delivery, well, that's up to you!


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