Major Change To Scan & Email Service

Scan & Email is no longer a single standalone service. It has now been split into 3 separate add-ons of our 3 core services, namely:

Scans (of Company's Letters), Scans of (Director's Letters) & Scans (of Business Letters.)

This means lower fees if you just want one type of letter scanned but you already have more than one address service on your account.

Example: If you select the 'Registered Office Service', you will have an option to have the 'Scan (of Company's Letters)' only. It will be the same with Directors Service Address and Business Address Service; you can now get just one type of letter scanned and uploaded to your Dashboard.

Clients now have the option to remove any of the scans services when they manually renew their account.

This gives clients greater flexibility and lower fees if they only want to have letters of a certain category scanned and uploaded to their account.

New customers: Click here to buy. Existing clients: Log in to see the new layout.

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