New Address: Menzies Road, Hastings


RegisteredAddress.co.uk is pleased to announce a new virtual office mailing address at Menzies Road, TN38, in the historic town of Hastings.


This location places your business in a charming and rapidly developing part of Hastings, known for its unique blend of historical significance and vibrant community life.


Hastings, famed for its rich history and cultural heritage, is also emerging as a hub for creative and digital industries. The town presents a diverse and dynamic business environment, appealing to a wide range of sectors.


Menzies Road is nestled in a tranquil area of Hastings, providing a peaceful setting while still being conveniently connected to the town's main commercial activities. This balance makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a calm yet productive working environment.


Area type: Mixed-use (Commercial and Residential).


Nearby amenities: Good transport links, local shops, the historic Old Town, cultural landmarks.


Suitable for business types: Retail, Catering and Hospitality, Transport, Storage, Education, Construction, Engineering.

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