Small Business Accounting - A Short Course

Here is a list of articles aimed at startups, entrepreneurs and small businessmen. They deal with the chore of bookkeeping with regard to completing annual UK government financial returns and paying the resulting taxes*.

1. Annual Returns - Avoid The Nightmare

Submitting annual returns to Companies House and HMRC can be a real pain. Get the filing dates clear in your head and set up login access well in advance.

2. Companies House Webfiling And How To Do It

The new Companies House Confirmation Statement is the first annual submission you have to do. Relax, it's fairly simple, but it's due shortly after your first year of trading.

3. The Best Accounting Software For The Small Businessman

You can help your accountant by using the same software he does, or just help yourself get your accounts straight.

4. Small Business Bookkeeping

Some basic tips on what you need to do to keep track of your business finances, professionally.

5. How To Register As A Sole Trader

What registration, if any, is required to operate as a sole trader in the UK?

6. How To Register For Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Self-employed? Get your registration with HMRC sorted out well in advance of your filing dates.

7. How To Save Tax As A Self-Employed Person

HMRC will gladly take all the money you offer them, but, hey, it's probably be smarter not to, eh?

8. Tax Avoidance In The UK - Some Tips

General UK tax avoidance tips for businesses and persons.

9. VAT Registration - Who Needs To Get It

Not everyone needs to register for VAT; only those whose turnover is above a certain amount, yearly.

10. What Does An Accounts Clerk Do?

A list of things an accounts clerk typically does for an established company.

11. 16 Signs Of A Bad Accountant

Most useful: what to look out for when hiring an accountant.

12. When Not To Start Your Own Business

Are you sure you need to start a business?

13. How To Make A Company Dormant

Company not doing well, or maybe you want to keep it as a placeholder for a while?

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*Please note: These articles are for informational usage only and Registered Address Limited accepts no liability as to their currency or accuracy.

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