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Why Choose RegisteredAddress.co.uk For Your Company Formation?

We offer a simple process with clear pricing. The price displayed is the price you pay: https://www.registeredaddress.co.uk/company-formation

Your formation is are submitted to Companies House quickly and will normally complete within 24 hours Monday - Friday. Companies House staff will check what you sent and, if all is well, approve your company.

Got a problem? Our team can help. Our staff have formed hundreds of companies and can help you if you need specialist assistance.

Our website is SSL encrypted. This means that your personal and credit-card details are safe; they can't be intercepted. We do not store your payment information. Only you can approve any future payments personally; we will only bill you when you when you wish us to.

This means you only pay what you want to pay.

We have been in business since 2009 and have helped thousands of businesses take their first steps.

International: If you live outside the UK but want to do business here we can set up a company for you quickly. Our staff can answer basic questions pertinent to setting up an LTD.

How It Works

- Search for your company name and choose a package.
- Complete the short application.
- This is sent instantly to Companies House.
- All going well, your company is formed within 24 hours in the working week*.

(*Human beings at Companies House have to check your application, to stop people registering illegal names like 'Queen Elizabeth's Life Insurance And Banking Ltd')

We are a 'formation agent'; an intermediary that helps you get a company formed. 

Having a company offers you legal protection for your assets that being a sole trader doesn't. If anyone sues the business and wins (God forbid), they get the company's assets, not your house!

You can claim back expenses from the company and pay yourself and salary and dividends, if you are a shareholder (the shareholders are the owners of the company.) It can help save on taxes.

We have formed hundreds of companies and have thousands of happy customers who appreciate the speed and utility of our mail-forwarding service. We offer an inexpensive option. Our online application is quick and simple.

Protect your identity and home address with an upmarket central London office, without the expense of running a 'bricks and mortar' office. Have your Directors Service Address at our office and keep it off public records

Most companies formed in England and Wales are companies limited by shares (LTDs). This allows profits to be divided between the shareholders whilst at the same time protecting them peronally from lawsuits through the limited liability aspect.

Limited liability protects shareholders from debts the company may have accrued. Note: it should not be seen as a way to get up to 'funny business'; it does not protect directors and shareholders from punishment for illegal activity. It just stops nusiance claims.

When a company goes bust anyone associated with it will be contacted by creditors and many people find this upsetting, but the protection is there for a reason; it stops grasping people trying to take goods from some who is not personally responsible for debts accrued by a legal entity, a company, that they are associated with.

A shareholder is only be responsible for repaying an amount equal to the value of the shares they hold. If you hold £100 in shares, you'd have to pay £100. Your personal possessions are protected. 

Ready to get started? Go here and begin your exciting journey into the world of entrepreneurship: https://www.registeredaddress.co.uk/company-formation

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