Is SEO Still Relevant?

The simple answer is yes.

1. Search engines are a means for people to find your website;
2. Your website is a place where you offer goods for sale;
3. The more targeted visitors you get to your website, the more sales you make;
4. Therefore, it is good to facilitate getting more customers via search engines, using whatever means are legal and available;
5. SEO is one of those ways.

Therefore it follows ...

1. If you have a website;
2. And that website can rise in search engine results, or fall, or stay where it is;
2a. And that website can rank for search terms which lead to profitable sales, or not;
3. And that you can change what's on your website quite easily;
4. Enter SEO.

In 2017 the questions for the small businessman are:

Q: Is SEO as easy as it was in the good old days of the internet wild-west, where bright lads with a laptop could make big bucks ranking their me-too websites along with BT, Dixons and Nat West bank .coms?

Q: Is this sales guy from Shoreditch talking to me about "excellent rankings for my keywords in Google" worth hiring?

The answers are:

1. No;
2. Maybe, if he can point to successful sites he's worked on, previously.

The problem with articles like this that no one, and I mean no one, with a lick of sense, is going to publish an SEO strategy that is working for them right now. Can you guess why?

Yes, that's right, they won't tell you because if they did, and the readers found it worked, 20,000 internet basement-dwellers would copy it, apply it and it would be dead within 60 days.

The following would happen:

- Competition would crowd out the original site.
- Search engines would notice that cheeky, low-grade sites were appearing for valuable terms and alter their criteria to drop them down their rankings.

Therefore, here is the route to SEO success:

1. Make a site that's remarkable; that people will tell other people about.

If you can't:

2. Find out where your competitors are listed and get listed there also, if it's not too expensive and if it looks appropriate to your niche.

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