Companies House WebCheck Updated To New Beta Search

In 2015 Companies House updated the old WebCheck with its new 'Beta' service. 'Beta' in software development means that it's 'not quite ready for prime-time', but it is safe to use.

The interface is simple. It disgorges almost all the information that is allowed to be shown to the public about a company. And that is quite a lot.

What can be alarming for a new business owner is seeing their name, month and year of birth and postal address listed for all to see. In that case, you can buy a Director's Service Address from us:

There are now three ways to get information from Companies House:

- Webcheck [per-document download fee]
- Direct [subscription-based]
- Beta [free]



Here are the types of information you can get for free:

- Company name;
- Previous company names;
- Company registration number;
- Company type;
- Nature of business;
- Incorporation date;
- Company status;
- Registered Office address;
- Director's Service address;
- Current and ex-officers details and initial shareholdings;
- Insolvency information;
- Yearly accounts;
- Accounts filing dates;
- Account type e.g. Dormant, abbreviated , full.


Companies House Beta Search Screenshot
Companies House Beta Search Screenshot 

This service lets interested parties investigate just who they are actually dealing with when they contract with "Luminescent Dirigible Ltd".

Someone with an eye for detail and a knowledge of how honest, successful companies present themselves can discern quite a bit if the company they are interested in is neither of these things, using WebCheck!

Beware: A lot (not all) of the information you submit about your company to Companies House will likely be visible forever, barring a court order or that you can make a case to Companies House that your personal security is at risk.

Here is personal information anyone can see for company Directors and Secretaries:

- Full name;
- Month & year of birth;
- Service (public, mailing) address;
- Nationality;
- Occupation.

Tip: Be careful that your landlord or the bank that holds your mortgage may not allow you to use your home address as the registered office of a limited company.

It's a possible change of usage and may result in unwanted traffic, like debt collectors and aggrieved clients to the address!

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