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Free Confirmation Statement Submission With One Of Our Premium Addresses.

Usual fee: £45 +VAT. 

Let our accountancy team file this important annual return to Companies House, the UK government registrar.

Buy it online via our custom-built dashboard. You then just reply to the automated support ticket it generates. Purchase can be done in 60 seconds!

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Important: You have to file a return every 12 months even if your company is dormant.
 If you do not, your company will accrue fines and later be struck off the register.

The Confirmation Statement is the way of your informing the UK government of the status and composition of your company. Previously, it was called the Companies House Annual Return. 

Most small companies will only need to file a Statement annually, unless they want to change certain aspects of their company's  listing.

What you can change using the Confirmation Statement:

- Statement of capital, shareholder information and SIC codes.

What you can't change using the Confirmation Statement:

- Your company’s officers, registered office address or the address where you keep your records.

The Confirmation Statement is the means to confirming or adjusting the overview of your company's legal registered status.

We are a licensed company formation agent listed on CompaniesHouse.gov.uk website. We are also a registered accountancy firm should you need accountancy services. Fees are priced to suit startups.

Registered Address Ltd, established in 2009, has incorporated thousands of companies for clients in the UK and abroad. Learn more about us here.

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