File Company Accounts

Save time and money filing your annual company accounts to HMRC and Companies House accurately.

Accounts are a set of financial statements that show the health of a company during a particular accounting period, usually 1 year. This is usually made up of a Statement of Profit or Loss, and a Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet). These must be filed to HMRC and Companies House every 12 months whether the company is trading or not.

£95+VAT for Dormant Company Accounts. This is suitable for companies who haven’t started trading yet, but would like to hold on to their company name.

£795+VAT for Startup Company Accounts. This is suitable for companies who are generating less than £25k a year and have no employees on PAYE, and are not VAT registered.

£1,395+VAT for Limited Company Accounts. Suitable for companies generating less than the VAT threshold of £90k a year.

Super nice services. This is truly helpful especially to those at start-up stage. They also provide accountancy support at reasonably low costs.

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