What Happens After My Company Is Officially Formed?

We email you four documents:

- Incorporation Certificate,
- Memorandum Of Association,
- Articles Of Association and
- Share Certificate.

If you bought printed hard copies, documents will be printed by us and posted as well.

It may take a while for your company to show up on the Companies House website; formation precedes uploading.

You will then start receiving letters from HMRC and Companies House. These letters just notify you of details like your filing dates, UTR number and your basic obligations in running your company. They can be important, so keep them safe.

They also act as a good visual reminder about your next bureaucratic task to maintain your company.

Emails can be deleted, post-it notes get lost, your memory may be unreliable, but a brown envelope is nicely intimidating(!)

You may then, if you wish, set up an account on the Companies House website, so you can manipulate your registration details. This is not essential, but it's useful to have in place before your returns are due. Many small businessmen leave it until the last minute, and then get a fine, because their returns are late!

Read more about that, here: registeredaddress.co.uk/blog/get-access-administer-companies-house-listing/

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