What Is A Mail Redirection Service?

What Is a Mail Redirection Service?

Literally, it means this:

[Any Personal Name]
[Your Company Name]
International House
[One of our upmarket London addresses]
LONDON [Post code]

Post sent to this address will be redirected to an address of your choice, usually your home address.

What this means is that you can have a different address to your home address for your business. This means that you can keep your business and your private life separate. You will not have people coming to your home disturbing your family. Letters sent to you at your mail forwarding address will be forwarded on to you.

This is useful for business purposes.

This isn't:

John Smith,
B2B Services Ltd,
Flat B,
23 Acacia Avenue,
Tottenham N17 3BD

It's quite obvious from an address like that that you are not a large company. It doesn't look professional. It might be Ok for an accountant working from home but not for someone presenting themselves as company. Moreover, neighbours can know what you're up to and snoopers can track you down and find you.

Moreover, neighbours can know what you're up to and snoopers can track you down and find you. Marketeers will put you on their database. It may affect your personal credit rating if your business finance activities get tied to your home address.

There's also the matter of privacy. Quantities of business mail turning up at your home address will alert other people in the building what you are doing. You may not want this.

What we offer:

  • Mail sent to you 5 times a week. You get your mail in good time;
  • Mail sent 1st class to make sure you get it as fast as possible;
  • Easy upgrades and addons, like extra mail credits;
  • Low starter cost;
  • Discreet service, friendly staff;
  • Royal Mail: we are a business customer. You mail is safe with us;
  • HMRC registered: we are a legitimate mail forwarder;
  • Company formation service;
  • Scan and email service. 

With Registered Address Ltd, your mail is forwarded discreetly in unmarked envelopes. No one will know from the outside what it contains. You get to have a prestigious address for your fledgling business without the cost of renting office space. Our fees are exceptionally low for what we offer. We've even cheaper than many P.O. box services and you know how a P.O. Box number looks on your letterhead! Your address won't contain giveaways like '3rd Floor' or 'Suite 201' either!

That's another thing: your marketing.

It's surprising how impressed people are by little things: an 0207 phone number, an office address in an upmarket location, a letterhead in London W1 or SW7. People do check before they buy. They're even more nervous with the advent of the internet. A good address is reassuring to your customers. Who should they give their hard-earned money to: one with an address in Kensington or a website with no address or telephone number?

It's a case of 'Fake It Before You Make It'; why spend large sums of money on office space if you can work from home and only need a good address for correspondence?

You know that you're just as good at a Fortune 500 company with what you offer. Get a registered office with Registered Address Ltd today and let the world know as well!






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