Go Popular, Go Niche Or Go Unique?

So, you don't want to be an employee but you're not sure what you'll offer for sale in the open market?

This is a common dilemma for the tyro businessman. Entrepreneurship is now a fashionable profession. When I was a young lad, being a rock star was in vogue. Times change.

Anyone can put on a suit and get business-cards printed up, but they have to say "Mike Mikelson, Microphone Salesman", not "Flash Flashman, Snake Oil Supplier".  You have to sell something.

It's best to sell something you have confidence in. It may not be the best doorbell in the world, but it'll last for years and the price is a steal! Mmmm, maybe sell the best doorbell. These days, the world is awash with cheap goods but class is always desirable.

When you meet someone the first time and the ask you what you do, can you say "X" and they understand it immediately? If you can't convey the idea quickly, have another think about it. You can't sell what you can't ... sell. People are interested in their own needs, not yours. They have problems. They have  desires. Their desires are a problem!

Can you solve their problem, quickly, at a reasonable fee and to a high standard? Yes? Then maybe you have a business!

Go for a walk in the high street and look at where people are queuing up. Go to a market. One stall has people standing in line waiting to be served, another has a bored girl reading a paper.

- The good thing about selling popular stuff is that other salesmen have already done a lot of the legwork. You just have to crash the party, somehow.
- The good thing about finding a niche is that competition is low but demand better be high enough to put bread on the table!
- The good thing about being unique is, hey, no competition.

If it's weird unique and even your cousin won't buy it from you, have another think about it!

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