Tax Saving Advice – Marriage Allowance

Tax Saving Advice – Marriage Allowance
Are you married and in employment? You could be entitled to tax relief under HMRC’s ‘Marriage Allowance’ scheme.
Check if you can claim:

- You are married or in a civil partnership;
- One partner is earning between £12,571* and £50,270* (the higher earner);
- The other is earning below the Personal Allowance, currently* £12,570 per year, (the lower earner).
If, as a couple, you meet the criteria above, applying for Marriage Allowance is easy.

In most cases, it will save you about £252 in tax, for the current tax year. Moreover, you will be entitled to a tax rebate of a similar amount per tax year dating back to April 2017.
Click here to see if you are entitled to claim for Marriage Allowance
Please note: Unless we are processing your payroll, we cannot apply for the claim on your behalf. We will be happy to assist our other clients with any queries regarding this, however. 


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