Keep Your Account In Good Standing

Some obvious ways our clients keep their accounts current is by signing up for the right service, renewing the account when it expires or striking off the company if it's no longer trading.

New customers: register here to get a mailing address to put on your website Existing customers: update or renew your account here

It's important that users are aware that they're not allowed to display our address if they don’t have an active account with us. Our hard-working staff return-to-sender sackloads of letters every week. Unwanted letters also increase our overheads.

Here are 5 common unauthorised uses of our address:

1. The account has expired or the company is dormant, but the client is continuing to display our address on website as the registered office address, and in other locations;

2. The client purchased only one Director's Service Address, but has all their other directors listed on Companies House, without creating a new Director’s Service Address account for the additional directors;

3. The client pays for a cheaper address but starts using a more expensive address;

4. The client pays for the 'Registered Office Address Service' but is using the address as a 'Business Address Service', or vice versa;

5. Account stacking: Paying for one account but registering multiple companies or businesses at our address.

6. Address squatting: not paying for the address at all but using it as a placeholder on a website.

TIP: If you no longer need your company you should strike it off, or, if you wish, we can strike off your company for you. Companies which are not maintained, legally, attract fines, which make the directors look bad.

Existing clients: Get us to strike off your company for you

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