Important Info Regarding Company Formations


We suggest clients do not leave it until the last minute to purchase a company formation. Companies House currently takes almost a working day to form a company. Submissions made before 10am will be formed the same day.

We are informed this is because their staff numbers have been cut back recently.

When you purchase a formation from us, you can submit to Companies House there and then or you can wait for the welcome email. This email contains a link to a page on our website. From there, you can continue your company formation.

We do not ask for all the information upfront as it would greatly extend the purchase process. This would cause people to not complete it.

Also, you need to gather some information before you form a company, which you may not have with you just now.

So, please wait for the welcome email. If you don't get it soon-ish after your purchase, contact us.  Sometimes our emails go into people's spam folders or are filtered as unsolicited commercial email. Please whitelist 'registeredaddress.co.uk'. 

Otherwise, the formation process is usually straightforward and goes ahead smoothly. Your company will be formed and the documents emailed to you.

We suggest you search on the companies house website that your name is available. You should also know that certain words like 'group' and 'international' are reserved words and may require supplemental proof.

No worries, we will show you how to provide it!

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