More Advantages Of Hiring A Hot Desk

Cost. The most obvious reason to do hotdesking is cost. You can save a lot of money. While office space is cheap, at the time of writing, it's still a significant monthly outgoing. Square footage costs money. Then there's the utility bills.

It's not a pleasant thing to be tied to a building, either. You have a lease or a rental agreement. Landlords know that you're not likely to move once you've moved in, so they have leverage to up the rent. All of this fades away if you simply hire desk space as and when you need it.

Hire a desk only for when you need it and you have optimum usage for your pound or dollar. It's not sitting idle while you and your staff are out and about making sales or just having brunch in a riverside cafe. When you rent permanent office space you're still paying for the nights as well as the days and all the time it's idle.

Convenience. Another advantage of hiring a hot desk is convenience. You decide when you're going to drop in, at times to suit you. You can book your favourite desk or just take pot luck when you come in and see who else is around. You might make a friend or a business contact. You just bring your laptop in, make a cup of coffee and get to work.

Inspiration. A significant reason to do hotdesking is to get out of the house and get some fresh perspective. Sitting at home tapping away on a keyboard is easy and comfortable but you end up becoming insular. Small problems become magnified. Perspective becomes warped. Your only contact with human beings is through a wire and that just isn't good enough. You might be surprised to learn that businessmen have rented office space just to get out of the house, even 'though they could run the business perfectly well from home. They want to get into 'business mode' and not be interrupted by their families or hobbies at home.

Prestige. If you can put a smart area with a local number on your website and business card, it conveys a good impression. Putting a home address on your stationery suggests someone who's retired or just puttering away at their profession. Whereas in the business world people want what they want, fast and they will hire the most credible, reasonably-priced person they find. Your office address is a clue as to how professional you are.

With the advent of the pay-as-you-go culture for things like mobile phones and webhosting, there's no reason why you can't pay-as-you-go for desk space and hotdesking is the way to do it!

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